ISF funded Films

Islamic Scholarship Fund is the creator of the first American Muslim Film Grant supporting Muslim filmmakers to tell their own stories through the medium of film; a powerful tool for reframing our narratives. 


The Islamic Scholarship Fund is leading the movement in centering Muslim narratives in film. Film is a powerful tool that reflects authentic and nuanced experiences. By supporting and uplifting the voices of Muslim filmmakers ISF is challenging societal norms and demanding, equity and inclusion.

We provide a comprehensive cycle of support for filmmakers, from development to production, including our new artist support programs and fellowship!

Since our inception, ISF has supported 96 American Muslim filmmakers, who have produced 200 influential films watched by millions of viewers. The films and filmmakers have won Emmy awards, are Oscar-nominated, Sundance fellows and SXSW winners, directors of multiple network television shows, and much more. ISF is committed to continuing the legacy of Muslim storytellers.

 ISF proudly supports the following films

"Blue Veil" by

Shireen Alihaji

2017 & 2021 Film Grant Recipient

"Hamtramck, USA" by

Razi Jafri

2018 Film Grant Recipient, 2020 &

2021 Film Scholarship Recipient

"Halalywood Academy" by

Omar Regan

2020 Film Grant Recipient

"Jinn" by

Nijla Mu'min

2016 Film Grant Recipient

"Cold War on 16" by

Naeem Mohaiemen

2020 Film Grant Recipient

"Touchline" by

Mohammad Saffouri

2020 Film Scholarship Recipient

"The Honest Struggle" by

Justin Mashouf

2014 Film Grant Recipient

"If the Oceans Were Ink" by

Jude Chehab

2016 Film Grant Recipient

"UnderCover" by

Iman Zawahry

2009 Film Scholarship Recipient

"Natours Grocery"


Nadine Natour

2019 Film Grant Recipient

"The Ocean Duck" by

Huda Abdul-Razzak

2017 & 2018 Film Scholarship

Recipient, 2019 Film Grant Recipient

"The Return" by

Hena Ashraf

2016 Film Scholarship Recipient, 2019

Film Grant Recipient

"Comin' Up Short" by

Queen Muhammad Ali, 2017 Film

Grant Recipient &

Hakeem Khaaliq, 2020 Film Grant


"Vimana" by

Faroukh Virani

2013 Film Scholarship Recipient

"The Feeling of Being Watched" by

Assia Boundoui

2016 Film Grant Recipient

"Muslim Girls DTF" by

Aizzah Fatima

2020 Film Scholarship & Grant


"Brooklyn Inshallah"


Ahmed Mansour

2018 Film Grant Recipient


"¿Mamá Eres Feliz?"


Elias Acevedo

2017 Film Scholarship Recipient

"36 Seconds" by

Tarek Albaba

2016 Film Grant Recipient

"Citizen Khan" by

Khaula Malik

2021 Film Grant Recipient



Kausar Mohammad 2020 Film Grant Recipient &

Shireen Alihaji 2017 & 2021 Film Grant Recipient



Fawzia Mirza

2019 Film Grant Recipient

"Istikhara, NY" by

Yasir Massod

2021 Film Grant Recipient



Fatima Asghar

2021 Film Grant Recipient

"Alive in Detroit"


Shiraz Ahmed

2021 Film Grant Recipient



Asad Farooqui

2018 Film Grant and Scholarship Recipient

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